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Welcome to Medical Peer Support!

We are a group of medical students, junior doctors aiming to provide peer support to our fellow colleagues. Feel free to browse around here and click the contact me link to get started!


Medicine is not an easy course, strenuous demands are made on ourselves and our families both physically and mentally. A lot of us struggle especially with the transition to clinical practice.

We are a group of doctors who have gone through the same system as you. We have a passion for mental health and wellbeing. We believe that in order to best care for patients, we must first practice self-care. 

Most of us were diagnosed with mental health conditions along the way but we learnt through experience, and hope to offer some guidance so you may learn from our successes and our mistakes. 

Please know that you are not alone, and we would like to help in any way that we can. 


We are a just group of individuals with lived experiences and are strictly not linked to ANY Healthcare Institution.

Our Aims:


Connect individuals together for personal support


Inform each other on the practical matters of psychiatric conditions and medical practice. i.e. declaration to SMC, clinical implication, NPL etc.


Destigmatize mental conditions in health care workers


Instill hope, a light at the end of the tunnel goes a long way.


Give those in need an idea of what to expect during clinical practice and beyond


What Happens When You Contact Us?

Your form is emailed to me! I will get in touch with you through your email/phone which ever you prefer.

After discussing with you, and with your agreement, I will contact a peer supporter who might have been in a similar situation as yourself.

Once the peer supporter agrees and would like to reach out to you, I'll put the both of you in touch.

After that, it's entirely up to the both of you! Just a once-off conversation, a few coffee sessions or a journey of fellowship, all are possible! and entirely fine!

Contact Us

Feel free to get in touch. It is entirely up to you if you are just seeking answers to specific questions or to start a longer conversation! Just give us a way to contact you back.


If you're comfortable, do share the following: (purely optional)

 Tell us about yourself!

 What hospital and university are you in?

 Do you have any specific concerns?

Rest assured, your information will not be shared without your expressed consent.

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch!

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